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1. The Sixty -Six Laws of the Illuminati


The Sixty -Six Laws of the Illuminati 

1. There is a light within you

2. Show love to those who show love to you

3. Respect your haters - acknowledge them

4. Make plans

5. Always be a man of your word 

6. Consider a compromise if required 

7. Pay your debts

8. Don't waste bullets

9. Be prepare

10. Negotiate

11. Stay healthy

12. Honor your parents

13. Discover your upper and lower limits 

14. Know your strengths and weaknesses

15. Respect the family 

16. Learn to say 'No'

17. Use your Third Eye

18. Don't make deal with the devil

19. Don't share everything

20. Follow your light

21. Be friendly

22. Self - respect

23. Be humble..